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Mr and Mrs Smith

Synopsis: A married couple find themselves undergoing counselling after their marriage suffers due to the top secret nature of both of their jobs.  Description: The movie that supposedly brought stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together, the pair play a newly married couple, yet neither of them are aware that the other is a spy..   Review: When accidentally meeting on an under cover mission in South America John and Jane Smith fall quickly in love and get married, what they do not know however is that they are both secretly working as assassins in rival secret agencies. At home things seem perfect, their house is immaculate and they seem...


Synopsis: An ex-smuggler is forced to come out of retirement for one final job to get his brother in law out of debt. Description: Hollywood remake of the 2008 Icelandic film Contraband stars Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckingsale.   Review: Directed by the star of the European original titled Reykjavik Rotterdam, Contraband is a fairly straightforward (and I use that particular term loosely) action thriller about an ex-smuggler who, having retired after successfully avoiding punishment for years, is drawn back into the underground counterfeiting world when his wife’s loser brother fails to pull off a drug deal. Wahlberg gives what some would describe as a “relaxed” performance, this does not...


Synopsis: An astronaut on an extended mission on the moon begins to find the isolation getting to him as he nears the end of his three year stay. Description: Sam Bell is contracted to be the sole human manning a station the moon harvesting clean energy sources. With only his computer GERTY for companionship he begins to have strange hallucinations as the isolated nature of his work finally begins to get to him.   Review: Normally, when one mentions science fiction, thoughts of sprawling galaxies or alien invasion ensues, Duncan Jones’ Moon however, is very much the polar opposite. Following the story of a lone lunar miner the film is...

One for the Money

Synopsis: A recently divorced and newly unemployed thirty something woman finds herself working for her cousin at a bail bond company and who does her first assignment happen to be? Only a wanted local ex-cop and ex-boyfriend… Description: Katherine Heigl stars in this bizarre mystery comic action drama as a woman in search of a man, only this one is on the run. Review: Based on the highly popular crime thriller series by Janet Evanovich sexy divorcee Stephanie Plum is an unlikely New Jersey bounty hunter. Heigl plays Plum, a character that has become highly popular throughout her almost 20 novel history, unfortunately for fans however Heigl’s interpretation of Plum...

The Godfather

Synopsis: An aging mob leader transfers his criminal empire to his son, who is rather reluctant to take the job.

The Matrix

Synopsis: A computer hacker finds himself embroiled in the fight between a secret group of rebels battling against a mysterious power that controls reality as he knows it.

Fight Club

Synopsis: Two men find a way to vent their frustration at modern society by starting a secret underground fight club.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Synopsis: In the final film of the trilogy Frodo and his companions complete their dangerous journey to destroy the final ring, but not without a great deal of death and drama along the way.

Reservoir Dogs

Synopsis: A group of gangsters plan a robbery but are foiled when the police turn up; which one of them has double crossed them?


Synopsis: Isabella Swan (Kristen Stewart) moves to Forks, a small unendingly rainy town near the Washington coast, to live with her father Charlie (Billy Burke) after her mother remarries to a minor league baseball player. This move of her appears to be the most tedious one she ever made until she meets an intelligent, mystifying and alluring person, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) who gives her life a sudden twist. Bella soon discovers the terrifying truth that Edward is a vampire after he incredibly saves her life from a van with his herculean strength and tempo.

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