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Katy Perry And Russell Brand Were A Doomed Voyage From The Start Some Say

Many sources that are close to Katy Perry and Russell Brand say that when the couple first got together with each other they were both very infatuated. Then once reality hit the infatuation quickly died. Several sources have said that despite the couple being seemingly head over heels for

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Brock Lesnar Defeated And Now Hanging Up His Gloves For Good

Brock Lesnar seems to know that his days as a champion UFC fighter were numbered. A few days ago he was beaten by Overeem at UFC 141.  The fight did not last long at all, as soon as the fight got started Lesnar was hit with hard kicks to

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Legendary Rocker Steven Tyler Is Engaged

There have been rumors about the legendary rocker Steven Tyler being engaged for a while now. No one knew if it was true and all people could do was speculate. Now we have heard it directly from Steven.  He announced that he is indeed engaged to be married. Sources

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The King Lebron James Has Finally Decided To Make An Honest Woman Out Of His Long Time Girlfriend

Lebron James decided that it was about time that he made an honest woman out of the mother of his two kids and long time high school sweetheart. He proposed to her to ring in the New Year, and the news has spread all across the internet.  Lebron’s long

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Usher Is Fearful That His Kids Might Get Taken Away

The R&B star Usher is being accused of being a bad father to his kids by his ex-wife, and he is firing back at the wild claims she is making against him. Usher is telling anyone who will listen that he is indeed a good father and he deserves

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Dallas Real Estate Agents Are Fighting Over Who Will Get Khloe and Lamar’s Business

I am sure you are aware that Lamar Odom recently got traded to the Dallas Mavericks, so he and Khloe have had to relocate for the season. This has created a heavy competition amongst Dallas realtors to get their business. There are several high end real estate agents in

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Kardashians Turn Blind Eye To Shocking Working Conditions

The popular Kardashian family, the family famous for doing nothing, apparently doesn’t mind if the people working to make their clothes are doing so in terrible slave like working conditions.  Right now there is a human rights group investigating several claims out of China that kids as young as

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Kobe Bryant’s Wife’s Step Dad Claims Ball Player Should Have Seen It Coming

Kobe Bryant, the world famous basketball player, is about to go through a nasty divorce with his wife. The reasons for the divorce include allegations of cheating. Vanessa Bryant’s ex step dad has come into the picture making some pretty wild claims.

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Reports Over Singer Jon Bon Jovi Being Dead Are Completely Untrue

You might have been searching the internet lately and saw several reports that the famous rocker Bon Jovi is dead. If you have, you can completely dismiss the reports, because they are not true. How the report got on the internet to begin with is completely unknown. In most

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Rihanna Lets Loose On A Dutch Editor Who Used A Slanderous Word To Describe Her

The world renowned singer “Rihanna” let loose on an editor who works for a Dutch magazine this week. She is really upset that she was referred to as a N**ga B*tch by the magazine.  The editor has claimed that the whole point of the story was to portray Rihanna

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