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Fight Club

Synopsis: Two men find a way to vent their frustration at modern society by starting a secret underground fight club.

Description: After a chance meeting on an aeroplane a character known only as “The Narrator” leaves his successful job and quickly finds himself involved in a violent anarchic gang.

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Review: Starring Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter Fight Club is a hugely tense and painfully violent movie; Fight Club is the story of the destructive potential of modern society. When a man learns that violence toward himself and, occasionally willing, others makes him virtually untouchable his life takes what many would perceive as a turn for the worst, he however feels liberated and unconstrained for the first time in his life.

Things quickly get out of hand however as Tyler Durden, the violent and (probably) insane man who initiates the lead characters change in lifestyle, begins to turn his attention to organized society and encouraging the under classes to rebel in a violent and destructive fashion.

Fight Club is a dark and often confusing story with an intriguing and unfathomable secret at its heart, it is a movie which, when watched for the first time is likely to leave you totally agog, but will continue to impress you upon further viewings.

Norton puts in an excellent and highly emotive performance as The Narrator, whilst Brad Pitt’s Durden is scarily driven yet surprisingly enigmatic. The two characters both clash and entwine brilliantly, making the movie’s dénouement all the more impressive.

It is not an easy film to watch, the subject matter is quite often painful whilst the graphic on screen violence is even worse, it is all worth it however when you find yourself, almost without realizing drawn into the story. You find yourself desperately rooting for The Narrator, hoping that he will find some way out of the dangerous world he has become involved in and travelling along side him as he attempts to track down Tyler Durden who seems to have vanished in a cloud of secrecy.

Fight Club, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Reviewed by AlyseG on 23 March 2012

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