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Synopsis: After black sheep turned super villain Megamind (Will Ferrell) kills his nemesis Metro Man (Brad Pitt), he grows bored and tired since there’s no one left to fight. And so he creates a new foe, Titan (Jonah Hill), who, instead of using his powers to fight the evil and wrong, is out there destroying the world. This placed Megamind in the position to save Metro City for the first time.

Description: Megamind, the super-villain of Metro City, finally conquers his nemesis Metro Man the hero; but soon finds his life meaningless without a hero to fight.

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Review: “What’s the point of being bad, when there’s no good to try and stop you.” A mind-boggling quote from the film that makes it such a great movie to watch. DreamWorks Animation is known for making top caliber animated hit movies such as Shrek, Monsters vs. Aliens, and How to Train your Dragon. And now, they’re at it again; their most recent, Megamind, a one-of-a-kind movie that allows audience to feel a mixture of emotion.

There are just about three things that make this movie a really good one. First, the way the characters are voiced over. Will Ferrell’s character as Megamind just fits him perfectly well it’s as if he’s the key to the lock. He manages to make the complex character come to life – not perfect but lovable, idiotic but intelligent, and a bit scary but funny. Despite his being a supervillain, one actually gets to care deeply for him. Brad Pitt’s role as Metro Man is quite a comedic parody of the Man of Steel. And finally, Tina Fey’s voice of Roxanne is very likable.

Second is the way the script is written. The script is genuinely funny and heartfelt. The amusing moments were really funny and the serious ones really work because they have a genuine heart. Everything’s in equilibrium – just the right amount of sad and happy moments.

Finally, the animation; the animation is just flawless and spectacular just like the rest of the animated films by DreamWorks. Never a dull background; it’s almost always dynamic and vibrant.

Reviewed by FallenAngel on 19 October 2011

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