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Synopsis: An astronaut on an extended mission on the moon begins to find the isolation getting to him as he nears the end of his three year stay.

Description: Sam Bell is contracted to be the sole human manning a station the moon harvesting clean energy sources. With only his computer GERTY for companionship he begins to have strange hallucinations as the isolated nature of his work finally begins to get to him.

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Review: Normally, when one mentions science fiction, thoughts of sprawling galaxies or alien invasion ensues, Duncan Jones’ Moon however, is very much the polar opposite. Following the story of a lone lunar miner the film is more about human nature, dealing with isolation and coming to terms with the truth after an unexpected discovery than most would expect from a film that falls within the realms of traditional science fiction narratives.

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell – The Green Mile and Iron Man 2) is 3 weeks away from returning home after 3 years of working on his lonesome with only a computer called GERTY for company (voiced by Kevin Spacey); but all is not as it seems and just as Sam is preparing to return home to see his wife and their infant daughter, he crashes into a secret that shakes the foundations of his life as his sheltered world begins to fall apart.

Moon is an infinitely difficult movie to review without giving away the mystery of it’s narrative, it’s a secret that’s up there with the likes of Bruce Willis’ identity in the Sixth Sense, yet the mystery lies at the absolute core of the movie; despite being revealed relatively early on in the runtime.

What can be said however is that Rockwell’s performance is fantastic; he alone shoulders a movie that has very little cast, he courageously takes on Bell’s story, developing a character that the viewer genuinely cares about and feels for – particularly when they discover how he has been deceived – leading the audience to whole heartedly will him to turn the movie’s outcome to his favour.

Despite being a theatrical debut for the director and filmed on a relatively small budget neither are noticeable as the attention to detail of the sets and characters make this an enjoyable, thought provoking film that pays homage to earlier works of science fiction and proves not everything has to be based around explosions and computer effects.


Reviewed by AlyseG on 23 April 2012

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