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Synopsis: A married couple find themselves undergoing counselling after their marriage suffers due to the top secret nature of both of their jobs.

 Description: The movie that supposedly brought stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together, the pair play a newly married couple, yet neither of them are aware that the other is a spy..

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Review: When accidentally meeting on an under cover mission in South America John and Jane Smith fall quickly in love and get married, what they do not know however is that they are both secretly working as assassins in rival secret agencies.

At home things seem perfect, their house is immaculate and they seem to live an idyllic existence; until their paths cross in an inescapably professional capacity.

What follows is a farcical comedy (and I use the word loosely) action drama in which the two begin to investigate one another and inevitably find they must face one another off at gun point, forced to decide whether their marriage or their jobs are more important to them.

Those expecting to see some kind of romantic sparks flying between Pitt and Jolie are likely to be sorely disappointed; Jolie is as bland and un-emotive as a wooden doll, whilst Pitt looks very good in a suit, but brings very little else to role. The narrative is completely vapid and transparent, totally uninspiring and ultimately lacking in any romantic depth whatsoever.

The characters provide absolutely no audience connectivity, they are completely beige and unbelievable, making their relationship utterly pointless to any viewer; this movie could have been about two best friends or even strangers on a train. Ultimately Mr & Mrs Smith is little more than an excuse to let Pitt and Jolie run around with fire arms making googley eyes at each other; there is very little here that can’t be found in other, far more superior, action-drama movies.

Mr and Mrs Smith, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Reviewed by AlyseG on 23 April 2012

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