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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes, the detective genius, along with his stalwart partner Watson is in pursuit of a criminal mastermind, Professor Moriarty. Professor Moriarty is a genius par excellence whose carefully crafted designs are difficult to crack through, an ability that would test the duo’s crime-solving capability to the limit. The adventure to crack the murder case of the Austrian prince takes them to different countries from England to France to Germany to Switzerland. On his way, Sherlock Holmes encounters a gypsy fortune teller whose oblivious engagement in the murder plot puts her on the killer’s murder list but she evades that attempt on her life, largely thanks to the meticulous Sherlock Holmes. However the cunning Moriarty is one canny campaigner who tries to stay ahead of the game enabling him to create the most intricate of designs that the duo of Sherlock Holmes and Watson would have to surmount in order to unearth the truth meant to alter the very course of history.

Description: Sherlock Holmes finds himself engaged in the investigation of the murder of the Austrian Prince that transcends a greater depth of reason, logic and intentions to unravel the mysterious yet devious schemes of Professor Moriarty.

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Review: Drawing large conclusions from the most insignificant of observations, the queer yet meticulous detective is back with another murder mystery to solve. The multilayered story, the kaleidoscopic implications and the variegated approach to solve the murder all become the central components to this second part of Sherlock Holmes movies. The sound, the editing, the lighting and the slow-motions everything fits in perfectly for the execution of crazy stunts that would send shudders up the spine of the viewers.

Just the mention of the news of the production of Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows caused the influx of promotion regarding the movie which is regarded to be more successful than its prequel. Not only this movie involves a larger complex web of stories but it also employs the viewers’ thinking to make the possible connections. Robert Downey Jr is again outstanding in his character as the witty Sherlock Holmes who is engaged in a battle of wits against Professor Moriarty (played by Jared Harris) as each one of them is pitted to nonplus the other.  The portrayal of Sherlock Holmes as a character of little regard for the contemporary standards for tidiness or good order while paying attention to the most trivial pieces of information is irony at its best.

However the mention of Watson played by Jude Law is indispensable for the completion of this review as he stands by Sherlock Holmes in the most trying of times and bolsters the movie through his critical impression of Sherlock Holmes and sometimes his sarcastically witty comments, which make him a crony that Sherlock speaks highly of.

Guy Ritchie has repeatedly proved his mettle of one of the most talented directors out there who can create masterpiece of a movie in the industry where seldom book adaptations do full justice to the class of the novel itself but Guy Ritchie creates a niche of his own with this spectacular production. A potential mystery movie that will become solidified in your memory with indelible ink.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Reviewed by FallenAngel on 25 October 2011

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  1. Camila says
    10 November 13, 5:20pm

    Can’t wait. Im just a huge fan for the entire idea of Sherlock Holmes. I’ve read erieythvng Sir Doyle has read and am a fan of the previous Holmes movie. I think Law and Downey have awesome chemistry as the original Dynamic Duo.

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