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The Matrix

Synopsis: A computer hacker finds himself embroiled in the fight between a secret group of rebels battling against a mysterious power that controls reality as he knows it.

Description: In a seemingly normal world Keanu Reeves plays a genius computer hacker who discovers that the entire human race is being controlled by an alien machine race that have created a super computer called The Matrix to simulate a normal reality to keep their prey alive and happy.

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Review: At first glance The Matrix is a sweeping, sophisticated visual spectacle, epitomized by the state of the art “bullet time” slow motion fight scenes, yet this movie is more than that, it is a complex and innovative allegory from writing and directing duo the Wachowski brothers, Andy and Lana.

The story is an innovative mix of Hindu and Greek mythology, with a strong Christian metaphor running all the way through, this is a science fiction movie for intellectuals; yet it is almost indiscernibly cool being filled with chic and sleek action, costume and dialogue. Whilst the performances are fantastic and incredibly interesting, Reeves has that glass-eyed enslaved look down to a tee, yet he also pulls off the action hero persona with a surprising amount of attitude and presence. My personal preference has to be Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith, who is edgy and creepy in one fell swoop.

The first instalment in what became a trilogy of science fiction action movies The Matrix is easily the best out of all three.

Reviewed by AlyseG on 20 December 2011

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