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The Matrix: Reloaded

Synopsis: Neo returns to continue his battle against The Matrix, a machine created reality that a very few humans can see beyond.

Description: The second movie in The Matrix series sees Keanu Reeves return as Neo the messiah of world that exists outside the false reality created by an alien machine race.

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Review: Easily the worst of the entire trilogy The Matrix: Reloaded is a poor substitute for its predecessor, although it still contains the fantastic visuals the movie’s emotional and intellectual edge are significantly dulled in this sequel.

The key reason for this is the inclusion of a recurring dream on Neo’s behalf in which he sees his love interest and fellow rebel Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) dying; attempting to romanticize a movie like this has simply left it feeling forced and contrite, as though the studio has made a push to pull in a wider female audience by creating a romantic sub-plot. This fails miserably as all it does is distract from the story itself and turn Reeve’s character from a slightly disassociated Christ-like figure into another member of the human race, with a rather blank and rigid look upon his face. Where Reeve’s wooden acting persona had suited the character brilliantly in the first movie, now he simply looks like a bad actor uncomfortably playing a romantic lead.

Beyond this the plot of The Matrix: Reloaded is probably best left as a distraction; somehow the Wachowski brothers’ have put together an untangleably complex plot with a number of very thin and poorly made strands that should, upon close inspection, fall to pieces. The business with the Oracle is impossible to follow, whilst the bringing back of Agent Smith looks like little more than another studio ploy to bring back a popular character. A significant disappointment.

Reviewed by AlyseG on 20 December 2011

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