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The Princess and the Frog

Synopsis: Tiana (Anika Noni Rose) is a hard working waitress who dreams of owning her own restaurant that crossed paths with the lighthearted Prince Naveen (Bruno Campos). The prince was magically transformed to a frog by a devious voodoo conjurer and Tiana soon joins the amphibian family herself upon kissing the defamed royalty. The two soon embarks on a journey as they race with time to find an old blind lady that can help reverse the spell with the help of a trumpet-playing alligator and a witty firefly.

Description: A fairytale love story set in the early 21st century New Orleans about the journey of a young dreamer named Tiana and her unforgettable adventure with a frog prince in the quest to regain his human form.

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Review: With the charm and warmth of a traditional Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog surely highlighted the wonders of a 2D cartoon in this entertaining film. Hit with the right touch of Cajun jazz and a pleasant cinematography, the movie proclaims in itself the natural heart warming trance one gets in watching a classic Walt Disney flick.

The unique story of The Princess and the Frog easily reaches out to viewers as it captures the realities of life set in a believable outline. Traditionalist directors Ron Clement and John Musker revive the glamour of which a classic film can only provide along with the outdated look and danceable music interims. It is in fact among the best films ever produced taking a step back in time teaching viewers of where great cartoon movies began.

As what critics claim to be among the landmark Disney movies of all time, The Princess and the Frog surely did not fail to level with the remarkable takes of Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. The love story between Tiana and Prince Naveen is fairly different from the common princess films produced. Tiana is a strong willed woman determined to fulfill her dreams in life, not waiting for any Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet any time soon. While Prince Naveen on the other hand is charming but arrogant, not the sophisticated lot one would expect to be. The characters in the story unquestionably give an excellent twist to the never ending parade of predictable lovelorn movie dramas.

Reviewed by FallenAngel on 20 October 2011

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