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The Rite

Synopsis: Michael Kovak is the son of a mortuary owner who decides to leave the US and study in Italy to become a priest. He is a man who undoubtedly lacks faith as he persistently questioned the truth behind the infamous Catholic ritual known as exorcism. Michael finally meets Father Lucas, a prominent exorcist of his time who enlightens him of the real faith in God and mentors him on how to perform the rite that might just save their lives from the evil lurking in the shadows.

Description: The story arises as Michael Kovak leaves his father to study and become a priest. He travels to Rome and in time meets Father Lucas, a renowned exorcist who guides him to his return to faith.

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Review: The classic battle of good and evil is represented well in this film. Demon possession has always been an object of fear and curiosity for the wide variety of audiences worldwide and is a common theme for many movies in the past decade. There were a number of films with this subject who rose to the top-most ranks in the business and The Rite is certainly one of them. Combining a brilliant cast and a thrilling plot, it showed the world a different version of how the righteous triumph over the wicked.

It is impressive how The Rite depicted the names of the demons because they made sure it had historic references. Having these sources of information allowed them to captivate more viewers who believe the existence of supernatural beings. There were not much special effects used and I thought it played a great advantage to complement the plot. It was obvious that throughout the duration of the film, the age-old concept of making the hero suffer before ultimately defeating the villain was used effectively.

A number of reasons why you and your family should watch this film should start with the fact that the majority of the scenes are tremendously frightening leaving your kids a lot of room to decide and cuddle up with mommy and daddy. The second benefit will surely ring a bell in audiences ears as this is probably the first movie of this kind to depict a Priest being the victim of the possession.

With all the facts laid, more and more spectators are will surely be open to the truth that The Rite is here to make a statement in the big screen.

Reviewed by FallenAngel on 20 October 2011

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