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Toy Story 3

Synopsis: A group of toys who can come to life after their owner has left the room find themselves donated to a day care centre where the children are ungrateful and there is a rather nasty hierarchy amongst the other toys.


Description: Tom Hanks and Tim Allen return as Woody and Buzz, beloved characters from the first two Disney movies of the same name.

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Review: In the third in a Toy Story trilogy Buzz and Woody are finally given away by their owner Andy who has grown up and gone away to college. They find themselves in a day care centre where the children treat them badly; the once beloved toys decide to band together and escape but an encounter with a not-so-nice bear named Lotso (voiced by Ned Beatty) leads to things going terribly awry.

The first Toy Story movie to be released in eleven years this is a real nostalgic journey for many in the audience who were wowed the first time round when this CGI animation franchise began; this time Walt Disney have added a new facet to the visual extravaganza that is Toy Story 3: releasing it in 3D. Being a Disney production it is of course very high quality visually, yet as much as I liked the 3D animation the movie also worked just as well without it.

That is because, thankfully, the story and characters are still very strong and memorable; providing plenty of good, clean fun to a varying audience: I know adults in their fifties who remember taking their kids to see the first movie and children of 5 who have fallen in love with Buzz and Woody for the first time. This is a genuine Disney classic that ticks all the right boxes: fun, action packed drama that’s not too long and even manages to pull off the obligatory tragedy scene that had most of the kids – and a fair number of the adults – a little bit teary.

 The movie isn’t as impressive or innovative as the original, but is better than the sequel and as such is very much deserving of the high praise it received upon release. You know exactly what you to expect from a Disney/Pixar animation and Toy Story effortlessly provides it all.

Toy Story 3, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
Reviewed by AlyseG on 20 December 2011

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